ROCK is continually seeking additional funds to create more scholarship opportunities for its members. Because all administrative costs such as staff compensation and rent are covered by the Executive Team, all donations will be 100% utilized for school fees.

In Kenya, high schools can be either day schools or boarding schools. Students who attend day schools return to their homes every afternoon, while boarding school students are accommodated at their schools throughout the term, including on weekends. We feel that boarding schools provide a better quality of education and an environment that is more conducive to studying and success, because the students are pulled out of the slum community and are able to focus exclusively on studying. Because boarding schools are considerably more expensive, we are unfortunately unable to send all our students there. Instead, we try to maximize the total number of children we send to school by giving only the best students to opportunity to attend boarding schools.

Day schools fees:

Duration Kenyan Shillings US Dollars Euros
One Term 8,333 80 75
One Year (3 terms/year) 25,000 240 225
One High School Degree (4 years/degree)  100,000 960 900


Boarding schools fees:

Duration Kenyan Shillings US Dollars Euros
One Term 18,333 177 167
One Year (3 terms/year) 55,000 530 500
One High School Degree (4 years/degree)  220,000 2120 2000


Cost of other items:

Kenyan Shillings US Dollars Euros
Operations per month 75,000 725 680
School supplies per student per year 2,000 20 18
Feeding Program for one day for 40 children 10,000 100 90


If the donor elects to sponsor a student, he/she will receive a copy of the scholarship agreement, a bio of the student with a picture, and periodic updates from the student. You may donate any amount you wish, every little bit goes a long way, just specify what you want it to go towards. The amounts mentioned above might vary slightly between different schools. Should your donation exceed the exact cost for a specific student in a specific year, the excess will be used for another student. All donations (unless specifically authorized by donors) go directly to ROCK’s programs (scholarship, feeding, workshops).

ROCK is an organization registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the USA.  As such, it is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. Please use the button below to donate. You can email us at if you have any questions.

Remember 100% of your donation goes to the program.