ROCK has partnered with Tunapanda, an incredible organization dedicated to spreading education through technology.  As part of this partnership, Tunapanda launched ROCK’s computer laboratory in August, 2013.  All of the computers in the laboratory have educational content (i.e. Khan Academy) and technology tutorials (ranging from typing and word processing to graphic design and computer programming) loaded and Tunapanda staff has been working to train ROCK students on using this software.

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555085_483353145062910_665612974_nArlington Montessori School

Arlington Montessori School is our sister school based in Illinois, USA.  They work to raise awareness on the work of our students by raising funds for our scholarship program and donating various useful school supplies from microscopes, anatomy maps, backpacks, notebooks, pens/pencils, clothes and so much more. We are so grateful for their continued love and support to assure our program is not only with school fees but with supplies as well.


IMG_9761African Children’s Book Box Society IMG_9770

Anne Pearson, the founder of ACBBS was introduced to ROCK through her daughter who regularly tutored at the centre. Anne worked with ROCK to assure that we get a permanent library by getting book shelves made along with donating over 200 books ranging from official Kenyan school books, storybooks and various activity books so the kids can expand their horizon’s beyond their regular school books.  They have committed to donate books to ROCK on a need basis as we grow.  Now 5 kids do not have to hover over one book thanks to the efforts of Anne and ACBBS.  We are deeply grateful for all their support and donations.