ROCK is a registered non-profit organization in Kenya with the vision of providing academic assistance and peer support to at-risk youth in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, where the average income is estimated at 1-2 USD per day (source).

What is ROCK?

With the lack of a universal secondary schooling system in Kenya, many kids in Kenya’s slum areas are forced to forgo secondary education, which ultimately and unfortunately, leads many to turn to a life of crime or substance abuse.  ROCK seeks to respond by providing a support system and academic assistance to at-risk youth in Kibera through the following programs:

Scholarship Program

ROCK provides scholarships to secondary school students screened on a variety of factors such as: their history of participation in ROCK’s tutoring program; past academic performance; and financial need.  Final acceptance into the program is contingent upon each student and their guardian signing a scholarship agreement, which requires them to maintain a B grade average and perform certain obligations, such as attending ROCK’s tutoring program.

Tutoring Program

Each Saturday, ROCK hosts a two hour tutoring session in which volunteers assist students with homework and work through practice problems, focusing mostly on math and science.  The Tutoring Program is currently available to students between Grade 7 (~10 years old) and Form 4 (~18 years old).

Support Network

Led by Dan Odour, the founder of ROCK and a Kibera native, ROCK members gather throughout the week to discuss issues experienced at school and home and reinforce the importance of making the right choices.  ROCK also organizes workshops in which our students can discuss certain issues of general importance with experts in the field.  ROCK also organizes several after school activities such as a dance troupe and a football team that competes in a local league.

Where is ROCK?

ROCK christened a new community center on 24 August 2013.  The center is located close to Olympic Stage in Kibera.  The center features a library, study spaces for 40 students, and a computer laboratory.  The center is open to ROCK members 7 days a week until 8:30 pm for students to study and work in the computer laboratory.

Entrance to Olympic estate

Entrance to ROCK center

One of our classrooms

Computer lab








ROCK courtyard

Our library